Our Top 5 Favorite Technological Cars

Toyota Mirai

In the early years of vehicles, people were already in awe of how a machine works so it can transport cargos, animals, and people. Back then, cars were already so much appreciated even if it just runs at a slow pace.

People then already appreciate the fact that gone are the days of walking or riding horses. But today, people have grown more demanding when it comes to what cars should do. Today cars have to be fast, fancy, fuel-saving, and cost efficient. It doesn’t end there. Cars need to be light, tires must have great traction, and a lot more demands which didn’t matter before.

Cars today do more than what are were originally made to do. They can go beyond bringing one person from one point to another. Even the aesthetic value of a car now only comes secondary to how technically functional a car is. The technical capabilities of cars today imply that there are improvements when it comes to the cars’ performances in speed, capacity to save fuel, and in its ability to make the users’ life more convenient.

Technology today takes into consideration how cars can be improved to fit it into the needs of man, rather than fitting the capabilities of man to the functionalities of cars. Car companies are starting to enhance their products as car users demand more features.

Today, the best tech cars in the market include cars from brands like Mercedes-Benz, Rolls-Royce, Toyota, Ford, and Chevrolet.

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Technology Gadgets that Increases Your Driving Experience

Technology Gadgets that Increases Your Driving Experience-1

Cars are primarily made to make our daily commute easier, more convenient, and more comfortable. However, as time goes by, people have grown to be more demanding when it comes to cars – not only does a car has to bring us from point A to point B, but it also has to be fast, it has to look good, and has to function more than it is expected to. With the advancements in technology, cars have evolved into a machine that people just can’t live without.

Products like the modern radar detectors make driving experience safer for the one driving and for other cars around him. Top radar detectors include the Road Angel Gem and Escort Passport Max2. Road Angel Gem is a device that warns the driver of upcoming speed cameras, holding a detailed and accurate database of speed limits, speed camera locations, road hazards, and accident black spots. It makes sure that the driver complies with local laws and at the same time makes sure that the driver is travelling at a safe speed.

On the other hand, the Escort Passport Max2, like the Road Angel Gem, also enables users to drive worry-free. Aside from its radar detecting functionalities, it also makes use of Bluetooth to provide a real-time ticket-protection network, which warns users of upcoming alerts received and reported by other users in the area. It comes with an award-winning app, the ESCORT Live.

Winter means a car must defrosted before it can function – the owner must climb into the car, start the engine then lock it with a set of spare keys. This is only possible if spare keys are available, but what if you only have one key? Viper, a vehicle security and remote start brand, has developed an app that could enable a user to remotely start his vehicle just by using his phone.

Aside from being a remote starter, it has other functions – a vehicle locator, parking meter reminder, and even a programmed schedule minder that starts the car based on the user’s commuting habits.  The Viper SmartStart also enables parents to monitor their teens, as the product has a function that alerts parents whenever the car leaves a certain “safe zone”. Once notified, the app provides the option for the parents to “lockdown” the car.

Car lights are almost always overlooked – LED lights, unlike conventional light bulbs, have longer lives, aside from being more cost efficient, ecologically friendly, and more durable. Black Oak LED offers LED light bars that are of high quality and high durability, which are fit for off-road vehicles and ATV.

These are only some of the many products which make driving experience better and more convenient. As time goes by, with the use of technology, there will be more car products to make our lives much easier.

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